Secure KVM Switching White Paper
White paper

Assured separation with easy access.

“Securing a computer system has traditionally been a battle of wits: the penetrator tries to find the holes, and the designer tries to close them.” Morrie Gasser, author of Building a Secure Computer System.

USB True Emulation White Paper
White paper

Transparent and reliable USB switching technology.

Remember the good old days? Car journeys needed maps not satellites, mobile phones were too large to lose and the Bakelite® knob on your KVM switch moved you between computers in a manner more befitting the age of steam than silicon.

The KVM User Experience White Paper
White paper

Critical Considerations for Optimizing Long-Term ROI.

KVM technology is a must-have for any IT organization, large or small, that needs to ensure the health of its computing infrastructure within tight staff resource constraints.

KVM over IP Security White Paper
White paper

Security considerations and implementation in KVM over IP technology.

This white paper discusses the security concerns connected with KVM over IP remote control products, and presents the purpose built security architecture of the AD

DDC and EDID White Paper
White paper

How video displays learned to talk back.

Although far from being actual living organisms, personal computers have a history with revealing similarities to the fight for survival pursued by all animal species.